Andy Boyd, Board Chair
Brian Anderson, Board Vice Chair

Ex-officio Members
Linda Woolley, Principal
Shirley White, Vice Principal
Luisa Desia, Business Manager
Rob Smith, Southeastern California Conference Representative
Zach Thorpe, Pastor, Redlands SDA Church
Dean Horinouchi, Mission Road Church
Tim Gillespie, Pastor, Crosswalk SDA Church
Rodolfo Almonte, Pastor, Loma Linda Tagalog Company
Moliki Lualemaga, Lay Pastor, Yucaipa Samoan
Dawn Busi, Home and School
Jason Gatling, non-constituent church
Members at Large
Ai-Mae Watkins, Chuck Doolittle, David Rogers, Ed Rosaasen, Marty Fox, Luis Saca, Redlands SDA Church
Alicia Lozada, Keith Drieberg, Tina Vaca, Crosswalk SDA Church
Angela Li, Isamu Udagawa, Mission Road Church

Board Meetings, Third Wednesday Monthly: 7:00 pm.

Board Committees
Building and Grounds Committee
Constitution Committee
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee
Grievance Committee
Marketing Committee
Personnel Committee