Jennifer Merklin

Jennifer Murrell

Band Teacher


Bachelor of Music in Education

Single subject credential for music

Relevant Experience
More than 13 years teaching elementary music and music ensembles (choir, recorders, hand bells, and hand chimes). Over 10 years conducting adult choir. 3rd year teaching band for grades 5-12.

I enjoy the outdoors, and activities like camping, hiking, and sailing, as well as related activities like birding, wildlife photography, and collecting rocks, sand, shells, fossils, etc. I enjoy a wide variety of arts and crafts. I am an active Pathfinder leader. I am an American Civil War reenactor. Even though it is also my job I enjoy a lot of music activities on the side, as well, which include singing, accompanying, and playing various instruments. I like trying new activities and learning things, sometimes just for the sake of learning them.

Favorite Bible Text
I’m quite fond of the books of John and Philippians.

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