Mission Statement

Redlands Adventist Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian institution where the ultimate goal is to point students toward Christ. To equip them to serve their school, church, and global communities, RAA dedicates itself to:

Opening Hearts

RAA shares Christ as its primary mission in all aspects of education. We believe that serving God gives us purpose, inspires a sense of identity, and motivates us to serve our community.

Opening Minds

RAA strives to build thinkers who create positive change. We believe that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our students while inspiring them to be lifelong learners.

Opening Doors

RAA seeks to ensure that students reach their full potential by empowering students with the knowledge and life skills to achieve their dreams and goals.


A Redlands Adventist Academy student will be a positive growing Christian who

    • Understands and respects Seventh-day Adventist beliefs
    • Is given tools to develop a faith-based relationship with God
    • Demonstrates personal integrity and exercises moral judgment
    • Demonstrates compassion toward others


A Redlands Adventist Academy student becomes a life-long learner who

    • Demonstrates competency in all subject areas
    • Gains effective communication and technological skills
    • Applies critical thinking and problem solving skills to everyday life
    • Exhibits an appreciation for and develops skills in applied and fine arts


A Redlands Adventist Academy student is an individual who

    • Has a healthy, balanced lifestyle
    • Takes responsibility for the management of his/her own personal health
    • Uses the skills provided to develop a program of life-long fitness


A Redlands Adventist Academy student is a responsible and productive citizen who

    • Contributes time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life in his/her family, school, local, and global communities
    • Values the mutual relationship of all life and is a good steward of the environment
    • Respects diversity and seeks to understand others’ views, beliefs, and cultures
    • Works cooperatively with others in group and team activities