academics RAA has been a part of the Redlands, California community for more than 100 years. Opening our doors in 1903 to just 18 elementary students, we have grown to include junior high and high school, and currently have an enrollment of around 450 students annually.   The school continues to grow by adding extracurricular classes, athletic programs, and outreach opportunities each year.

RAA prides itself on the family atmosphere it cultivates. The school is committed to student success. Keeping class sizes low is one part of our success that sets us apart. The average class has a 1:20 teacher/student ratio.

RAA is committed to a diverse and inclusive campus and welcomes students and families from all backgrounds.

RAA boasts excellent standardized test scores in all grade levels with above average scores for our county, state and nation. Advanced placement classes in math, English, and sciences are offered to give our students an advantage in gaining college credit while still in high school.

RAA boasts an average 98% college enrollment rate after graduation.  We have had many of our graduates go on to very prestigious universities including Brown, Yale, Annapolis Naval Academy and Loma Linda University.

Spiritual Goals for our Students

A Redlands Adventist Academy student will be a positive growing Christian who has a faith-based relationship with God, who demonstrates personal integrity and knows how to exercises moral judgment, and who exhibits compassion toward others.

Mental goals for our Students

A Redlands Adventist Academy student becomes a life-long learner who demonstrates competency in all subject areas.  We strive to have our students gain effective communication and technological skills, as well as apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to everyday life.

Physical goals for our Students

A Redlands Adventist Academy student is a healthy, balanced individual who has been taught the importance of a temporate lifestyle. Each student is responsible for the management of his/her own personal health and developing a program of life-long fitness.

Community goals for our Students

A Redlands Adventist Academy student is trained to become a responsible and productive citizen who understands the importance of contributing time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life in his/her family, school, local, and global communities.  A Redlands Adventist Academy student is taught the value of the inter-relatedness of all life and is a good steward of the environment. At RAA students respects diversity and seeks to understand others’ views, beliefs and cultures. Our students learn to work cooperatively with others in group and team activities.