International Education Tours

Austria, Germany and Switzerland!

Spring Break 2018


  • Two days in Vienna with stops at the Opera House and Schönbrunn Palace
  • Visit the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg
  • Munich with a visit to Dachau
  • A fairy tale stop at Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Walking the streets of Lucerne and seeing the picturesque Chapel Bridge
  • Visit the house of Beethoven in Bonn
Tour Number: 1807866YP
Group Leader: Darren Belleau
Travel Dates: March, 2018
Tour Length: 12 days
Departure Gateway: Los Angeles, CA
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We Believe International Travel is Important in Today’s World and here’s why…

  • Build Self-confidence! Get students out of their comfort zone and build self-confidence.
  • Increased Cultural Awareness! Grow cultural sensitivity by developing tolerance and respect for other cultures, political, and economic systems while at the same time developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own country and cultural values.
  • Adapt to Globalization! We are becoming more and more a world economy and some of the challenges we face depend on the world coming together to help solve them. Businesses count international travel as a plus when looking at job candidates.
  • Learn a Foreign Language! Reinforce the importance and desire to learn a foreign language.
  • Expand Your World! Influence them to seek out a greater diversity of friends creating a larger network of people they know. Making friends in other parts of the world makes a big world seem smaller and help them feel more connected wherever they go.